About a month ago I saw this chap with sweaty hair saunter in the gym, he had one prosthetic leg, and kind of did his own thing. It was a few times before I got to meet Josef. A Slovakian athlete who was in our gym training for the Para Cycling world champs.
What impressed me most, was the type of training he was doing. Hopping on 2 to 3 Bosu balls (half moon balls) stacked on one another. Then squatting, Dedicated, hard working and consistent.

I got to watch him race the Time trial, which he thinks is a boring event to watch as a spectator. The preparation is hours in advance, from bikes, making sure his number doesn’t flap in the wind. Everything had to be precise. Watching the warm up of 40 minutes, he was sweating proper before he was racing. All ready and set. He had another carbon fibre leg he uses for time trial and another for road.
Clipped in and off he went. 12 seconds behind the leader, then 6, 2 seconds and finishing as the World Champion, beating the Australian by 12 seconds. In the interim seeing blind cyclists, ones with all sorts of disabilities, there racing and being competitive.

I had asked Joe, how long did he feel sorry for himself, after his car accident 9 years ago? He looked at me and said well, about a week, then thought what can I do to better my situation.
Joe is an Olympic Gold medalist as well as a competitive contestant in the able bodied category.

He is a normal guy, who had took the worst situation and making it into something beautiful.
How often have you found yourself limiting your own self in what you can or cant do, making excuses because you think you are not good enough and you could never do this and that. Nothing is impossible, it takes a goal or dream, hard work, perseverance, consistency and dedication and you can make anything happen. Joe has a very positive mindset, even after racing his plans are endless from rock climbing, to skiing too all sorts. He doesn’t look at his limitations as something tohold him back but move into something amazing, truly inspiration.

In his World Champ jersey…well deserved!